The Natural Fertility Pathway

Learn about proven nutrition & lifestyle changes to improve your chances of pregnancy or IVF success!

The Fertility Pathway is a proven plan to improve your fertility, incorporating menus with colorful fruits, vegetables, and hearty fish based on a gluten-free Mediterranean style diet. Retrospective studies have suggested links between preconception diet and fertility, and more recently, a “Mediterranean” diet has been reported to increase pregnancy rates by up to 40%! In addition, a prospective study examining increased intake of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats demonstrated a quickened rate of embryo development after IVF. The Fertility Pathway provides you with a research-based, effective strategy to enhance your fertility. This course also provides fundamental education on what makes a normal cycle, different types of infertility, and outlines a holistic strategy for improving your chances at pregnancy!

The Fertility Pathway includes:

  • Nutrition proven to improve fertility naturally
  • A comprehensive look at causes for infertility and holistic, natural options to improve fertility
  • Fertility Supplement Guides
  • 2 30 minute sessions with a Holistic Collaborative Health Coach
  • Weekly phone call with our support staff to make sure that you are able to make the most out of your program

We also provide guidelines, tips, food lists, and meal ideas to help you easily enjoy the Natural Fertility Pathway lifestyle for better reproductive, emotional, and heart health. The Natural Fertility Pathway diet may not be ideal for those who are sensitive to nuts, lactose intolerant or vegan since dairy, nuts and and eggs are staples.

Course Curriculum

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The Holistic Collaborative
The Holistic Collaborative

The Holistic Collaborative was founded by Dr. Kourtney Sims as a cooperative group of healers, physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists and coaches for the purpose of expanding the holistic care paradigm. The Holistic Collaborative offers one on one coaching programs focused on women's functional health and wellness in addition to online self study programs for those who chose to work at their own pace. The goal of the Holistic Collaborative is to educate and empower women everywhere as to the power that each body harnesses to correct, balance itself and heal from disease.

This course was developed by Dr. Kourtney Sims M.D., N.C.M.P., F.A.C.O.G.

A Note From Our Founder Dr. Kourtney:

I have had education in multiple disciplines in addition to my traditional Ob/Gyn background that has opened my perspective on the difference between disease "maintenance" (which unfortunately is most often delivered in the traditional medical model) and true wellness. After opening my private practice over a decade ago I pursued my national certification as a menopause specialist which opened my eyes more about the range of hormonal dysfunction that can occur in women. From that understanding I described to pursue additional training in plant based nutrition through T. Colin Campbell. After that I dug deeper by receiving education in Ayurveda in the Integrative Ayurveda Health Professionals Program at the Maharishi Ayurveda Institute which broaden my herbal knowledge. I pursued this interest more in the Foundations of Herbal Medicine course from Dr Tieraona Low Dog M.D. After all of this education I had a very good grasp in integrative and holistic health and decide to develop further skills in discovering how to approach disease patterns from a root cause approach with training from The Institute of Functional Medicine. Currently I am a member of various organizations including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, North American Menopause Society, Texas Medical Association, The American Herbalist Guild and the Institute of Functional Medicine. It is this background that allows me to fully embrace the perspective that true wellness naturally develops as a result of living a life that optimizes the best of ancient holistic traditions including those from the Ayurvedic, Eastern, and Herbal medical traditions as well as Western medical principles and knowledge. It is from this place that I believe that health is truly optimized. It is here that I have found that even some of the most challenging chronic disease states will respond. It is with the mission of fundamentally changing health that this course was developed to share this knowledge with you.

All programs are developed for educational purposes only and not medical advice. Participation in a course does not establish a physician-patient relationship between yourself and Dr. Kourtney Sims.

Why Should You Choose the Natural Fertility Pathway?

Recently, research has shown that variations in what you eat can impact IVF outcomes. This program not only provides you with a research-based, effective strategy to enhance your fertility but also gives you access to our clinical supplement protocols that have been shown to increase natural or medicated cycle success rates even further.

Sources: Vujkovic M, de Vries JH, Lindemans J, Macklon NS, van der Spek PJ, Steegers EA, Steegers-Theunissen RP: The preconception Mediterranean dietary pattern in couples undergoing in vitro fertilisation/intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatment increases the chance of pregnancy. Fertil Steril 2010, 94(6):2096–2101. PubMed PMID: 20189169. Epub 2010/03/02. eng.

Toledo E, Lopez-del Burgo C, Ruiz-Zambrana A, Donazar M, Navarro-Blasco I, Martinez-Gonzalez MA, de Irala J: Dietary patterns and difficulty conceiving: a nested case–control study. Fertil Steril 2011, 96(5):1149–1153. PubMed PMID: 21943725. Epub 2011/09/29. eng.

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