Educating Women Globally In Holistic Health & Functional Wellness

We are dedicated to teaching and spreading knowledge on holistic healing methods for women in areas ranging from mind-body wellness and nutrition as medicine to functional wellness and women's health. Let us teach you how to balance your body naturally, master the mind-body connection and broaden your knowledge on other holistic techniques that can be used to optimize wellness, balance your hormones and revitalize your health.

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A Note From The Directors at The Holistic Collaborative:

We know from experience that when you adopt holistic principles and take the time to get to the root cause of your issues that the path to true wellness becomes crystal clear. We are true proponents of unlocking the power of the body to allow it to heal through the incorporation of ancient and traditional methods of healing.

What do we believe about health and wellness?

#1 The human body has many tools to heal itself. It is up to you to load the toolbox.

The body is truly an amazing machine with an all encompassing drive to return to “homeostasis” or balance. Our bodies speak to us in the only language that they can which is how they makes us “feel”. As we approach or get further away from the ideal balance it communicates different symptoms. But like any machine it does require the appropriate parts for repair and function. Often we are neglectful in replenishing our inventory properly as we should with the right lifestyle, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, movement, recovery periods, spiritual and emotional connections.

#2 Your body did not go to medical school

Your body has an innate knowledge all it’s own and although it does follow general conventions each one of us has a blueprint that is truly unique. Some people may need to start with a root gut issue while for others it may be emotional traumas that are the biggest trigger point. It is through listening to your body and peeling back the layers to discover the root causes underneath that you can truly discover where the problem lies and start to heal.

#3 There truly are NO shortcuts!

While we are all for traditional medications in the appropriate circumstances we as a population have really dug ourselves in a hole with our “get it quick” attitude. The body’s optimal state of wellness is like water carving a rock slowly over time. It takes consistent practice of the correct habits specific to your blueprint to optimize its function—it’s as simple as that. Of course no one is perfect but you have to not just know what’s good for you but actually make the space within your life to make yourself important enough to do what’s good for you.

Putting your body back in balance is part art, part science. We know that having only 1 or 2 “good weeks” out of the month is an absolutely miserable experience. We know how frustrating it is to not have enough energy to life your life to the fullest. We know what it’s like to feel like your insides are betraying you but you just don't know how to find your way back to a good and healthy place.

You don’t have to live this way. There is a path to healing.

Whether you are doing nothing at all or doing everything “right” if your body is screaming out for help then you have to listen. Do a quick body scan right now. Where are you--are you in balance or not? Trust your gut feelings when you ask yourself this question.

The courses that we have developed on behalf of The Holistic Collaborative were created to help your body and mind enter a place of healing, health and wellness. Because we recognize that a lot of people can use support in making sure that they incorporate the changes in the classes we also have the option for one of our holistic coaches to guide and support you on your road to recovery, healing and balance. If you are ready to get on the path to learning more about your body and natural, holistic, and integrative methods that you can use yourself starting right now then we invite you to register for the class (or classes) that speak to you.

If you are more interested in working directly with our Founding Director Dr. Kourtney one on one go to: